Dont you think its dumb how bands do this...?!

Question: Dont you think its dumb how bands do this!.!.!.!?
How bands like Cute Is What We Aim For and Panic! At The Disco put pictures or drawings or girls with,bacically,no clothes on the cover!?Seriously,i LOVE thier music but i cant get the CD cuz of the picture on the front!.!.!.I mean,it might make college students buy it!.!.!.but im in middle school and my parents would be like AHHH NO! I was gonna buy Ciwwaf's cd with a gift card,but i was questioning it,so i showed the cover to my mom and she said it looks bad and that she would have to listen to it!.!.!.But some artists like Soulja boy or crap like that sing about stuff thats WAAAAAY worse but theyre on the cover,so if i wanted his cd,i wouldnt have to ask!.!.!.but the lyrics have *content* in them,but theyre just not stated as "clearly",saying all these rap artists use all of these things that mean one thing and u have to think about it for a little while!.!.!.It gets me annoyed cuz i want ciwwaf's and patd's cd so bad but just cuz of the artwork i cant!.!.!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

weeell!.!. i have CIWWAFs cd!. its absolutly amazing!. its not "bad" and im in highschool!. so not just college students would buy it!. P!atd is good, they have alot of fun songs on there!. CIWWAFs song "the 4th drink instinct" is a really good song, so let your mom listen to that, and i love the songs "curse of curves"!. "newport living" "moan""lyrical lies" etc!.!. one song has like a few s words but thats it!.!.and if your not allowed to listen to that you can try bands like Fall Out Boy, AAR, deathcab for cutie, and boys like girls!.!.!.fine cover art!.lol!. but hey i dont want to influence you but if you really want it just get it, frostwire, iTunes, whatever and just dont put the cover art on!.!.!.:] im sorry

they are good bands, if anything the lyrics are worse!.!.
*btw!. P!ATD new album!. pretty!. odd!. has fine artwork or whatever :]Www@Enter-QA@Com

I don't think Cute is what we aim for's album art is bad at all!. You have some strick parents!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

Well, both those bands are absolutely terrible so I do believe your Mom is doing you a favor!. Try some good music, darling!.
Nevertheless, the bands clearly had some vision for their album artwork, and so be it if it happens to be a semi-clothed girl!. When it comes down to it, bands sell CDs based off their content and people buy them KNOWING they want to listen to this band!. I doubt it's an issue of marketing; I know I would never walk into a store and buy a CD simply based off the cover!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

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