Any ideas wher to go on dates apart from dinner/movies/bed, any other interestin!

Question: Any ideas wher to go on dates apart from dinner/movies/bed, any other interesting places!?
well i mean depending upon were you live!.!.!.there are plenty of free places to go to that im sure your boyfriend would appreciate like by me there's a park and there is a frisbee golf course, if there is a beach by you thats cool,, or a lake you can chill by lakes, movies are always crucial!.!.!.bowling is pretty good too!.!.!.make sure he lets u win though!.!.!.u know you really don't need to have a place to have a date!.!.!.you could always just meet up and walk to random places by you that are fun to hang out at or just meet up and talk!.!.!.make food!.!.!.watch a home movie!.!.!.relax!.!.!.other options are concerts, plays, sporting events!.!.!.depending upon if you wanna spend a lot!.!.!.but have funWww@Enter-QA@Com

museam sporting event idk what eva u likeWww@Enter-QA@Com

Bowling is always fun!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

A walk in the park or along a river trail!. Great in the moonlight!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

-More interesting than bed!? That's a hard one!.

Dates are what all the other guys get, who have lives!.

It depends on where you met and what you perceive the other person's interests to be and if they are similar to your own!. For example, bars are a great place to go!. You can get all scared and shook up that some big bully is going to come along and steal your girl!.!.!. could work for a chick to take out a guy to see if he gets all wierded out and SCARED!

Parks are nice on a beautiful day if you plan to take it easy and spend some quality time together getting to know each other better!. This would take some preparation in advance!.

I've heard amusement parks are fun!.

How about going to watch someone executed!?

I think that I'd take a chick to the various amusement parks here in Southern California!. There are a lot of movie studio tours too, but I'm all burnt out on them!. Perhaps if someone had shown interest in it I'd take them!. I don't think it'd be much fun unless the date is from another country!. Do they date!?

On the other hand, have you tried visiting the jacuzzi!?

The beach might be someplace to go on a date!. You can see if he's going to look around at other chicks or get self conscious about his physique of show it off!. Especially Venice Beach!.

Gee, y'know, I never go out on dates!. I'm too poor!. I have to get to home base as soon as possible before I have to spend much money, if any, so I usually have to wait for some poor chick to take pity on me and be my girlfrienid!. Hell, I should have accepted the last mariage proposal that came my way, At least she had a good job! problem is I didn't know how to behave on a date!. Boy have I learned my lesson!

And so where to go on a date is one of those utopic questions entertained by those higher beings who do all those wonderful things like hold jobs and pay bills and have, what was that called!? Oh yeah! Lives!

How about going on a date to the junkyard and watching me pick out a part!?

Hey I got a better idea! Let's see who can drink the most before throwing up!

Oh yeah! Let's go on a date to the Daytona Beach Motorcycle Races!.

No, let's go on a date riding a rented Harley Davidson across the Western U!.S!. so all the real bikers can make fun of us every time we stop in a small town!

Hey let's go on a date to Nevada!

On second thought, can you wait until I get a life!?Www@Enter-QA@Com

You want something original, try a day on a bus!.!.!. or walking on the beach, hunting, fishing, it does not all have to be romantic, i think the special times in life are not the ones you organize but the ones you laugh and have a great time, with out trying!.

You ever have a moment with a family member that you remember all your life with out trying!? A time you went to jack in the box and talked, or a same comment every weekend at church!?
I mention these because its these small moments, I have had meant more to me, than where am i going on a date!. If the person cares for you, it does not matter where you are!.!.!. but who you are with!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

If I have a friends I bring her to see at movies causeway point!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

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