Is 'Gossip Girls' any good?!

Question: Is 'Gossip Girls' any good!?
I have never seen the show, but hear about it a lot!. What is it about!? When it is on!?Www@Enter-QA@Com

Gossip Girl is a really good show!. It's so addictive! People who haven't ever seen it label it as "trashy and stupid" but it definitely isn't!. You wouldn't expect it, but the acting is great - especially Ed Westwick (he plays Chuck Bass!.) People say he deserves an Emmy, and I agree! My mom saw an episode and admitted that it's a very well-made show!. It's basically about "Manhattan's elite"!. and You don't have to read the books first, since while the TV show has the same characters as the books, they don't have the same plots!. It's on at 8 PM on Mondays on the CW, and right now there's about 6 episodes left in Season 2!.

If you want more information, here's the wikipedia page: http://en!.wikipedia!.org/wiki/Gossip_Girl!.!.!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

Gossip Girl is seriously amazing!.
There's tons of plot twists, love dilemmas, and lots of catty fights!.
It pretty much all spells out d-r-a-m-a!.
It's definitely different from other shows!.
Try giving it a shot, I guarentee you will NOT regret!.
It's easy to fall in love with all the characters personalities cause they're so exciting!.

Gossip Girl is on the CW - Mondays at 8:00!.
If you're going to start watching, catch up by watching season 1 episodes online otherwise it's a bit confusing to follow along!.
(Not very difficult but there are definitely stuff you do not want to miss out on!.)Www@Enter-QA@Com

its "Gossip Girl" not "Gossip Girls"

and yeah i suppose it's ok !.!.!. im a bit over the teen drama thing now!. Of course i'll watch it if im bored but i dont HAVE to watch it each week!.

Seen the OC!? It's made by the same people, so basic same rich, teenager drama concept!.


I don't care for it!. It doesn't have enough drama for me!. I also think that its really boring!. The only shows I watch on The CW are: One Tree Hill, 90210, and sometimes Privileged!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

It's on mondays at 8 on the CW!.
It's about a group of new york elite and whatnot and all the juicy drama!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

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