What is the show "13 Fear Is Real" about?!

Question: What is the show "13 Fear Is Real" about!?
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13 people go to the woods in a louisiana bayou to play a game!. they are competing for $66,666!. in this game,they face their worst fears and compete in certain challenges that test them physically and mentally!. the 2 people to fail a challenge go head to head in an execution ceremony, where they will fight to ''stay alive''!. each week someone will be ''killed off''!. also,there is an object called the ''death box''!. whoever has this ''death box'' becomes the ''killer'' and has the ability to ''kill off'' 3 contestants!. if they are caught with the ''death box'',they must automatically go to the execution ceremony to fight with any other contestants already ''condemned'' to the execution ceremony!. additionally, whoever wrongly accuses a contestant of being the ''killer'' must go to the execution ceremony,too!. finally,whoever outlasts the other contestants will win $66,666!.

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