B&B:Who do you think is behind the FORRESTER CREATION leak? of the designs?!

Question: B&B:Who do you think is behind the FORRESTER CREATION leak!? of the designs!?
i say thorne or feliciaWww@Enter-QA@Com

sign are pointing toward Thorne and Felicia so I don't think it is them - I am kinda thinking it could be Stephanie - just to show Eric that he can't run that company without her!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

I think maybe Thorn he has been so resentful of Erick choosing Ridge or Rick over him!. Felecia actually went to Nick basically asking him for a job then flirted with him, but it would be too obvious though if it were Thorn or Felecia!. I wanted to think maybe it was Katie since I saw her put some of Erick's designs in her brief case and Erick was lecturing her once about the importance on keeping his designs in strict confidentiality!. Another thought I had was that it could be either Owen or Donna because the computer in their office had an image of a Forrester Creation and apparently you need some special code from Erick to give them acces!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

i am thinking Felicia and Thorne are trying to get revenge for not being a priority in Eric's life lately!.!.!.also explains why they both went to Nick looking for a new job!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

LOL!. I saw what was going on after I missed it for so long and I think it's Stephanie's crazy sister Pam!. None of this makes sense to me!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

i think eric to show stephanie whos the boss!!!!! well we can hope rightWww@Enter-QA@Com

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