AMC- Fans- Who is Josh?!

Question: AMC- Fans- Who is Josh!?
I only catch AMC every now and again!. Yesterday Erica was apologizing to her comatose son Josh!.!.!.(HUH!?) So what's' the backstory on Josh!? How is he Erica's son!? Who's his father!? How'd he get in the coma!? I'm confused!.!.!.!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

Remember that abortion that made Erica famous as the first soap abortionin the 70s!? Well, apparently the abortion dr saved her fetus and implanted it into his wife and lo and behold here is the unabortion Josh years later! His biological dad was Erica's hubby Jeff Martin!. Greg Madden was the Dr who "saved" him and with his wife raised him as their own!. Greg had an obsession with Erica and that is why he did it! Zach shot him bc he was holding his mom and Bianca and Reese hostage!. I think he staged it to get his heart for Kendall!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

Erica Kane and Jeff Martin conceived a child, but she had an abortion!. Her abortion doctor, Dr!. Greg Madden, ended up stealing the embryo and had it put in his own wife's body!. She was successfully eiprgnanted, had the child on December 18, 1980, and named it Joshua "Josh" Madden!. He ended up coming to Pine Valley in 2005 at the age of 25!. He is the half brother of Bianca and Kendall!. Josh hung around a while, and left town after Babe was supposedly killed by the Satin Slayer!. He reutnred again in 2008 when he had an affair with Greenlee, and left again, only to return in September, admitting to Kendall that he stole $10 million from Zach!. Zach found out, and was going to have him killed!. Held captive by bodygaurds, Zach agreed to let Kendall say goodbye!. Out of the blue, she peppersprayed the man, allowing Josh to escape and go on the run, but not before saying goodbye to Erica!. He later sait that being on the run was "a living H***", and returned to Pine Valley on January 14, 2009, to rob Zach again of $10 million in revenge!. He took the money, and was going to use Reese, Bianca's girlfriend, as a shiel!. But the before they escaped, Zach shot him in the head, giving him a brain hammorage and, as you saw, putting him a coma!. Kendall, as you know, is in a coma, too, and is getting worse!. Zach pressures Erica to take Josh's still strong heart and give it to Kendall's dying one!. She agrees, and tomorrow (1/21), Josh dies, and soon, Kendall will wake up!. I hope this makes sense!Www@Enter-QA@Com

Simple!. lol When Erica was married to Jeff Martin, she had an abortion!. Dr!. Madden, the doctor, "stole" her fetus and implanted it into his own wife and raised Josh as his own!. It was later learned that he was Erica's child as only soaps can do - unbelievable!Www@Enter-QA@Com

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