One Tree Hill? what happened last night? 10 points!?!

Question: One Tree Hill!? what happened last night!? 10 points!!?
I forgot to watch it!.!.!. can someone tell me what happened in details!?Www@Enter-QA@Com

Lucas gives Peyton an engagement ring, a new one because he doesn't think that she'll want Keith's ring because it's the ring that Lucas also gave Lindsey, but Peyton did want it!.!.!. so he ends up giving it to her!.

Nathan has a talk with his coach about playing during the games instead of sitting on the bench!. Nathan's coach talks but tells him he'll eventually play and gives him notes on the game & his card if he needs anything!. Jamie see's the card and calls the coach and has a talk with him about his daddy playing basketball!. He tells hims "it's not all about the X's & O's!.!.!. it's about heart" The next game Nathan gets put in a scores the winning shot!.

Brooke & Julian start 'having fun' as he calls it but then Peyton makes her realize that he could be just messing with her and so Brooke sort of calls it all off!. When Peyton realizes that Julian is not in it for games she tells Brooke that she was wrong!. Julian comes to Brooke's house and gives her his 'Raven's Letterman's Jacket' that Brooke made for him!. He tells her that they are going steady now!. He tells her that when he first came to Tree Hill, everybody though he was coming for the girl in the book, when he really came to film the movie!. But now he's really came for the girl in the book!.!.!. the other girl (Brooke)

Dan shows up at Nathan's basketball game!.

Chase & Mia are starting to get very close!. Mia writes a song, she told Chase that he influenced her!.

Julian's dad comes into town to let Lucas & Julian to pick a director for the movie!. When Lucas & Julian don't pick a director Julian's father picks one for them- James Vanderbek (SC)Www@Enter-QA@Com

Lucas gave Peyton her own engagement ring but she wanted the one he got from Keith instead so he gave it to her!.Nathan wasn't getting to play in any of the games, so Jamie called the coach and they let Nathan play in the next game!.Brooke and Julian got together!.Mia and Chase seem to be getting closer!.James Van Der Beek(aka Dawson)is going to direct Lucas's movie!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

Well Brooke hooked up with Julian!. Peyton then told her he was bad news!. Then she found out he wasn't bad news but it was too late because Brooke had finished it before it started!.
Lucas bought a new ring but Peyton wanted to wear Keith's
Lucas and Julian couldn't find a producer so they went with the one he had met before!.
Nathan had problems with a teammate but fixed it!.

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