A question about the Simpsons?!

Question: A question about the Simpsons!?
well i was thinking there in season 20 now and they must be near the end of there run so the question is
what season will be there last!?
what would be a good story line for it!?
and what would you like to see in it!?
my personal awnser is season 22
grandpa simpson dies and leaves all his money to homer, but homer never knew that abe was a millionare so it flashes back to when he was in the war and how he got the money (he stole it from mr burns) so the simpsons, i don't know they do something with the money!.
and i would personally like to see mr smithers openly confess his sexuality!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

I read an interview on Matt Groening and he said that since the actors were sinced on through season 24 that they would probably at least do that many more seasons!. As for your idea on the ending I love it! I think that that would be an awsome episode and a great lead in for another movie!. Matt also said that a second movie is how he would like the series to endWww@Enter-QA@Com

I could see that, But I would like to see another movie before that and a spin off option like Bartman or one with the kids of Springfield being the main focus (Ralphie)

I could do without LISA
and remember bevis and butthead went under to make room for Judge to do that awful King of the hill garbage!.!.!.we don't want another of thoseWww@Enter-QA@Com

heres a good idea for their last season!. they should hire back all the writers that made the show great back in the day!. this show has been garbage for like six or seven years now!.

your smithers idea is great, but if it happens i dont want a whole episode about it

and they already did an episode of abe stealing in the war!. his division (the fighting hellfish) stole german paintings but burns actually stole them from abe later on!. but then again its not like the writers care about ignoring previous seasons episodes!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

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