Could you give me a summary of what happened in season 4 of LOST?!

Question: Could you give me a summary of what happened in season 4 of LOST!?
I watched all of the seasons up to about episode 5 of season 4 and then got too busy to watch it!. I want to start watching it again when it comes back on wednesday so I'm just wondering what I've missed!. Thanks!Www@Enter-QA@Com

I will just tell you the main points that occurred in each episode to catch you up:

The Beginning of the End: The survivors choose sides: Jack's Team (and try to find the freighter people) or Locke's Team (who try to hide and stay on the island)!. Daniel Faraday is introduced!.

Confirmed Dead: We learn about Daniel Faraday, Charlotte Staples Lewis, Frank Lapidus and Miles Straume!. Daniel is a physicist who knows something about the island, Charlotte is an anthropologist who also knows something about the island, Miles is person who can talk to the dead, and Frank was supposed to be flying Oceanic 815 when it crashed!.

The Economist: Sayid, Miles and Kate go to the Barracks where Locke's team is staying, to trying to get Charlotte back, who is currently in their custody!. In the future, we find out that Sayid is working for Benjamin!.

Eggtown: Kate stays behind at the Barracks, and finds out from Miles that the outside world knows she is still wanted!. In the future, Kate is put on trial for all her crimes, and Jack comes to testify for her!. We find out that Kate had Aaron in the future, and says he is her son!.

The Constant: Sayid, Desmond and Frank fly to the freighter to try to find some information about them, and on the ride there, Desmond's consciousness travels back in time to 1996 (where he meets Daniel Faraday)!. To become unstuck in time, he had to make contact with Penny!. In the end, he calls, her, and she promises to find him

The Other Woman: When Juliet first comes to the Island, we find out that Ben has an enormous crush on her, however, Juliet is in love with Goodwin!. In the current time, Daniel and Charlotte go the the Tempest Dharma station to try to turn off a mechanism that will release poison gas on the island!. Jack, Juliet and Kate follow them to investigate!. Jack and Juliet kiss!.

Meet Kevin Johnson: We find out that Ben had Michael on the freighter as a spy under the alias Kevin Johnson, and he wants him to blow up the freighter before they get to the island!. In a flashback, we see what happened to Michael after he got off the Island with Walt!. Sayid and Desmond find out that it is Michael on the freighter, and reveal to the captain that he was on Oceanic flight 815!. On the Island, the freighter people come, kill Karl and Danielle, and take Alex captive!.

The Shape of things to Come: We find out that Ben some how gets off the Island in 2005 and is Tunisia!. He recruits Sayid, and he becomes his hitman!. Meanwhile on the Island, the Frieghter people are coming, so Ben unleashes the Monster on them!. They kill Alex, Ben's daughter, but Ben must flee, and get to a safer place!. also, Claire wanders off with Christian Shepard!.

Something Nice Back Home: Jack hasn't been feeling himself lately, so Juliet takes out his appendix!. Off the Island in the future, Jack and Kate and Aaron have been living together!. Jack starts to see an apparition of his father, so he starts taking Oxycodone, and becomes an addict!. We see the downfall of Jack as he becomes an alcoholic like his dad, because Kate is hiding something from Jack: she is secretly doing something for Sawyer!.

Cabin Fever: Locke, Ben and Hurley go in search of Jacob's cabin to ask Jacob what they should do about the freighter people!. In a flashback, we see Locke growing up as a child, teenager, and after he is in his wheelchair!. In his flashbacks, we see RIchard, looking youthful as ever!. Jacob is not in his cabin, but Christian Shephard it, and he tells him they have to move the island!. John sees Claire inside the Cabin!.

There's No Place Like Home: See Lostpedia for this description; so much good stuff happens in this one that to trying to summarize it into a few sentences woudl deprive you of its awesomeness!.

also, if my summarizes were too hard to follow, just go to http://lostpedia!.wikia!.com/wiki!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

Theres so much that happens im afraid id leave something out!. so you can watch the season OR go to http://abc!.go!.com/ click on LOST!. another window will pop up!. on the right side there will be an episode list!. click on episode 0, called past, present, future!. it summarizes the first 4 seasons and gets you caught up!. It really doesnt leave anything too important out!. Although, it is missing all the funny parts and you dont feel emotion as much!. i love this show! have fun!Www@Enter-QA@Com

watch the episodes on www!.abc!.comWww@Enter-QA@Com

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