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All My Children as of right now. I like all the Story Lines!
One Life to Live is good but its loosing its touch.

AMC right now. I want to see what happens with Erica in jail. It should be funny.

OLTL - can't stand the Starr story. SHe's a lying little brat.

Hard to say. AMC has Erica going to jail and a lot of potential couple breakups about to happen. That should be good. But I keep watching to see Tad find his daughter. Enough of this Jess/Angie story. It's so boring.

OLTL; David Vickers about to find out he's a Buchanan. Don't want to miss that.

OLTL absolutely AMC is so boring


I love AMC. Can't stand OLTL.

DOOL!!!!! (Days of Our Lives)



OLTL..AMC has been rather boring lately.

Thats hard.

I like the whole Ryan/Kedall/Greenlee/Annie thing on AMC right now....

But I have loved Cole & Starr's storyline from the beggining.....

I would have to say that it's a tie, but GH is my fave.

I love both, grew up on all 3 ABC soaps but right now the stories at OLTL are better.

OLTL. I've never taken more than a few days break from OLTL since 1968, other than when I was in school or working, but I kept up with the storylines through the newspaper and SOD.

I've skipped years worth of AMC.


I like them both, but right now, I'm glued to OLTL.

At the moment, One Life To Live. All My Children, quite frankly, blows.

I used to like both, but I'm going with OLTL on this one. OLTL has had better stories and stronger characters, while the storyline and characters with AMC have gotten kind of lame.

I started watching OLTL because of my mom. I'm a guy and I'm proud of watching soap operas. I love OLTL ever since 2002 with the Mitch Laurence/Jessica and Natalie baby swap storyline and because it's the only soap opera that's really diverse, being an African American. The Spencer Truman/Margaret Cochran/Marcie Walsh storyline was good too. Thespoilers tricked me into thinking that Paige did it when it was Lindsay, out of the blue. I feel like this can actually happen to me. OLTL s like a window to the world. Since then, I've been hooked. The only thing I hate is the fact that Evangeline's comatose, Marty's dead (should or Evangeline have had a romance with Todd, or Evangeline and John should have reunited). Can you believe it that I've been watching OLTL for 9 years now? Even though I watch GH time and time again (I still know all the storylines because they're so slow and boring), it's out of the question. AMC usually isn't boring but I hate ALL their storylines especially the Angie/Jesse storyline (I bet all these viewers don't even know who they are, so who cares?), and that's rare even for this soap opera fanatic. I'll make them pay for killing off Dixie (dumb @$$ producers).

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