Is Life in Cold Blood with David Attenborough the best reality tv?!

Question: I have just watched the last episode and am amazed

Answers: I have just watched the last episode and am amazed

Enjoy this great tv maker while we have him, he is a colossus of a man in this field. He makes you listen to every word, and exudes knowledge of his subject. This man is an English Icon/treasure. He alone is worth the license fee. Anything that is aired by him is fab.

It's not classed as reality TV. It's a wildlife documentary.
Stuff like Big Brother and Wife Swap is reality TV.

I'd prefer to watch these fascinating creatures than boring old humans any day of the week. Who needs Big Brother when you have the best reality tv of all time right under your nose?

I think it's pretty good stuff, and much more genuine reality than so-called reality shows.

Its brilliant....

Yep it's pretty good, I'm addicted to it and have learnt so much!

David Attenborough programmes have always been the best television ever.There is nothing to beat his enthusiasm and the brilliant photography.His will be a hard act to follow.

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