Who are you rooting for on Rock of Love and who can't you stand?!

Question: Like Daisey
Hate Magen

Answers: Like Daisey
Hate Magen

i forgot that one girl um Kristie joe she is way to emotional um i think daisy should win though

I actually kinda like Daisy, she's probably the most normal. I think Peyton is getting the boot next week. I think the older woman probably won't stick around for much longer. I don't mind Megan but she already won one reality tv show, I don't think this will be another victory for her.

Honestly, I don't think I'm rooting for any of them.

The show is scripted. So even if he picks out the prettiest one, the skankiest one, the meanest one.........it's just a game. There is no real intention of him having a long term relationship with any of the women.

Don't believe me? Go to You Tube. Type in Rock of Love. Listen to the interview with Jess.

The only ladies I like are Ambre and Peyton.
Catherine and Jessica are too quiet, so there isn't a lot to know about them.

I can't stand Kristy Jo. She's an emo in dire need of counseling and medication.

The ones I dislike the most are Destiny, Inna, and Megan.

i dont know i dont really like any of them, but i cant stand kristie joe.

I like Ambre the best - she is the most real of all the girls and she doesn't **** herself out for Bret. She simply is herself.

Girls I can't stand - Inna (big man woman), Destiney (skanky), Daisy (she's just dumb), Kristy Joe (too many issues), Megan (deceitful and I don't think she really likes Bret)

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