GH: Who do you think is the TMK?!

Question: Who do you think it is, want it to be, or not want it to be?

Answers: Who do you think it is, want it to be, or not want it to be?

I think it's that Daniel guy, whenever anyone shows up in a soap town right as the murders start they usually have something to do with it. He has been in all the right places and has not been accounted for on the right times. He worked for the catering company for the Black & White Ball, had the day off when Alexis was attacked, it seemed like didn't like Coop (Which in turn shows why he would attack Maxie), and now Logan is starting to look like it might be him after he started questioning Daniel.

It would be nice if it was Daniel, then no main charecter would have to leave, enough of them have already been killed off.

I don't want it to be Logan, he and Lulu need to be together. I also don't want it to be Johnny. The Logan/Lulu/Johnny story line needs to go on so there can be a Luke/Laura/Scotty repeat. The best way for that to happen is with all of their kids! Well, except Johnny isn't their kid. But still, it would be perfect- even their names sound alike!

Diego Alcazar

Diego Alcazar

I'm going along with Amy-Loo on this one. One thing she didn't bring up was that when Daniel approached Kate he was offering to take pictures of her and was doing so in a way that would give anyone the creaps. And Kate had only seen him one time at Kelly's and had never spoken to him before.

I think it is Daniel the bus boy. The writers are making it too obvious that it may be Logan. But I notice that Daniel hasnt been seen since Sam beat the crap out of him.

i know for a fact that it's Logan

deffinatly logan

its logan DUHHHH!!!

I am pretty sure it is not Logan or Johnny. Wouldn't really make sense. Daniel, I believe, is there to throw us off.

Jennifer S. has totally convinced me that Diego is indeed the killer. Soap magazines and websites are reporting that he is on the set again, and will be onscreen soon. It totally makes sense that he would be the killer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think Diego is back but why would Diego kill Georgie ? And from what i remember Carly and him didn't hate each other. I could see him going after Sam ( i luv her ) she offed him. My money is on the bus boy. Maybe its Nickolas. I don't care if it's Logan i don't like him much, as long as it's not Diego or Johnny I'm happy.


Logan is way to obvious, so it's not him. If they bring Diego back from the dead or make him a twin I will stop watching. I thought it was Daniel for awhile but again to obvious. I am out of guesses.

its the bus boy, daniel.
They want everyone to think that it's logan, just like they did with coop.

Rumors say it's Diego Alcazar. I don't think it's Logan, it would be way too obvious. He is up to something though.

for a while i was thinking it was deigo but now with what lulu found in logans room i have no clue

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