Does anyone here love Project Runway...and Christian??!

Question: I really hope he wins...........he is such a talant?

Answers: I really hope he wins...........he is such a talant?

I think he is Hilarious !
His Collection at the Bryant Park Show last week was Fabulous, Fierce and Ferrosh !!!
I'm hoping he wins it this year.
There is a link to he show below if you want to see it.



LOL. I was just watching that. I love his humor(and the word FIERCE)

love that show
i like christian and rami

Christian ROCKS.
I love his hair, too. All of his clothing that he designs is fashionable and i don't think he has messed up at ALL in the whole competition.
I was rooting for Kit and him both until kit got voted off D:

He's done some amazing work, but I don't like his personality and pride. I don't have a favorite this season.

I look forward to Project Runway every week, though.

I love it but not Chrisitan, hes ok

i like christian but I WANT KEVIN BACK!!!!!

Yeah, I love PR. Sometimes Christian gets on my nerves- sometimes, but he is really talented, creative and bold. He'll probably win

Yes. I don't like Christian but can't deny his talent - he's going to win.

I <3 Project Runway!

I love project runway do you think Johnny Knoxville is hot By the way he is not dead he just hurt his nuts

I always love project runway! I do love christian but I also love Jillian. Shes very classy in her designs.

And does anyone else feel like Sweet P is a darling but honestly should have been gone a long time ago??

Yeah.....Christian is great........if you want to dress like a Drag Queen.
Go Christian!

Seriously, when it comes to the talent both Chris and Jillian have it.

And if you had read the reviews about the designers after the Bryant Park fashion show, they stated Christians' designs were hit and miss, and too flamboyant and over the top.


i loooooove project runway! i like how christian always says fierce! it is so hilarious! i also like rami and jillian. christian is so creative and talented! and i love how he straightens his hair! haha!

i have to agree with you hands down!! christian is one of those designers who just "gets" it! his creations through project runway have been so great! he really should of won more competitions than he has.
i KNOW he is going win the whole thing, i just know it!!!

Christian should win!

The first time I ever saw him I checked to see if he had boobs because I wasn't sure if he was a guy or a girl...but I sure do love him! He's funny and so talented I can hardly wait to see what he does next.

Hi Sweet Judy,
If i knew about this Project Runway I probablywould love it too.
A Friend,

Heck yes! Christian is FIERCE and FEROSH. That is my new favorite word, ferosh. And I love Project Runway! If Christian doesn't win, I'm hoping Jillian does. Christian is probably going to win fan favorite at the reunion. If he doesn't, that's messed up!

Go Project Runway! And Christian!! WOO FEROSH.

Christian is FIERCE!!!

I hate that show, along with the cooties

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