When does BB start?!

Question: anyone know the start date yet


Answers: anyone know the start date yet


You know I don't,B. - I rely on people like you to inform me of things like that!xx

You're welcome,B. - keep me informed now!xx Report It

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  • i wish it wouldnt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hopefully never

    You don't want to watch this gagging kak again do you?

    It will just be the same boring, mind-numbing crap it always has been. You really must be a cretin to watch this muck, it's just a waste of electricity.

    It started on the 30th May last year so I'd guess it's the same this year. Altough I do think the American one is already showing on E4!

    In May i think :-)

    girl, it's already started!!
    it started last tuesday!!
    it will show on tuesdays, wednesdays, and sunday on cbs

    you've already missed two episodes, but you can catch up on this site.

    BBUS is on E4 just now Sparks, it's brilliant watch it, Tuesdays and Thursdays!

    Normal BB is back on in May!

    BB9 started last week on Feb 12th. You can watch all the past episodes on their website. You've only missed two.

    It launched last year on the 30th May according to Unreality Tv, so I'd imagine it will be end of May start of June this year too.

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