How many couples from the Bachelor/bacherlorette ended up together?!

Question: I know of Krista and her husband. Who else?

Answers: I know of Krista and her husband. Who else?

Season Bachelor Occupation Winner Proposal Status of Relationship
1 Alex Michel management consultant Amanda Marsh No Broke up after several months
2 Aaron Buerge Vice President of a chain of family-owned banks Helene Eksterowicz Yes Broke up after several months
3 Andrew Firestone sales manager of Firestone Family estates Jennifer Schefft Yes Broke up in December 2003
4 Bob Guiney created a mortgage company Estella Gardinier No Broke up after the show aired - He is now married to soap opera star Rebecca Budig
5 Jesse Palmer football player Jessica Bowlin No Broke up after several months
6 Byron Velvick professional bass fisherman Mary Delgado Yes Currently engaged; wedding reportedly planned for 2007
7 Charlie O'Connell actor Sarah Brice No Broke up as of September 2007
8 Travis Lane Stork ER doctor Sarah Stone No Broke up after the show aired
9 Prince Lorenzo Borghese cosmetics entrepreneur Jennifer Wilson No Broke up in January 2007
10 Andy Baldwin doctor, triathlete & Naval officer Tessa Horst Yes Called off the engagement one month after the finale, but continued their romantic relationship. As of November 2007, they are still a romantic item.
11 Brad Womack bar owner from Texas No one No N/A

there is one more, but i cant remember their names! andy and tessa from last season broke up!


i think just one couple, trista and ryan

Andy and Tessa are still together

Well they all almosted ended up together for awhile, however at this time Trista and Ryan are still together, and I believe that Mary and Byron are still together.

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