Who would love to join me on hitting the bachelor Brad who didn't pick eithe!

Question: Come on and be honest and I won't be angry. I'm upset he didn't pick either of the 2 pretty ladies.

Answers: Come on and be honest and I won't be angry. I'm upset he didn't pick either of the 2 pretty ladies.

No i don't wanna hit em i wanna kick em square in the nuts and ask him what the hell was he thinking. Guys like him that go and break two girls hearts make it hard for actual guys to get a serious relationship. He just represented every single guy in America and broke two girl's hearts and given its a show mostly girls watch, that guy just made every man in America look like a self centered cynical *** hole that sleeps with different women and when it comes around to committing drops them like a sack of potatoes. He had 4 overnight dates slept with 4 great ladies dropped them all and then didn't follow through with his original goals of being on that show. So there fore i wana kick him in the nuts!!

i will... i think they were the best... (or thats what my niece says)

I can't believe he strung the whole bunch of them along. why did he even bother going on the show? I think he met someone else on the side that wasn't even on the show.

Sometimes pretty doesn't count. But since this is reality tv we're talking about, I would say don't get upset. It may be unscripted, but it isn't real. They do what boosts the ratings and causes talk about the show, that is all.

You do know that this show is fake right. They tell the girls from the beginning who is going so far and who will win. They just needed a new ending the show. That was why he didnt pick anyone.

This guy is a total narcissist.. He's approaching thirty but spends so much time to stay buffed. And he waxes his body.. Doesn't that seem a little creepy. Those girls should have seen the red flags.. He's handsome with the body of a Greek god..he owns several bars and still couldn't find a girlfriend before the show..He never laughed spontaneously, he always had a very pained look on his face and takes himself way too seriously.. I can guarantee this guy is an egomaniac with an inferiority complex, Any self confident smokin hot chick could see through this guy and steer clear..

i know... reality tv... whatever... but don't go on the show if you don't want to meet someone to spend the rest of your life with... or at least give them the chance to... this guy didn't even try... he was out for the fun of it... then when that was over he couldn't handle it... i guess in the end the girls are lucky after all... maybe feelings hurt but it could be much worse, why move to TX if he's just going to string you along down there too... some guys are just like that... LOSER!!! Too bad it had to be on tv for all of us to waste our time watching.

ME!!! I couldnt believe he didnt pick neither!!! Unbelieveable! He must think hes gods gift to women. I think if he cant find ONE woman out of the 25 then hes not going to find one!!! What a jerk. I think he was just boosting his ego up even more with the women. I really thought he was gonna pick DeAnna, but I wanted him to pick Jenni. I just cant believe it ended like that! What a waste..............but Im gonna stay tuned to tonight, After the Rose, cause I wanna see him face the wrath of the two women. I hope they really give it to him good. I could go on and on about what a jerk he is!
Also, why did he even go pick out a ring???????? I honestly think he was gonna pick DeAnna then changed at the last minute after he realized he couldnt say I love you to her.
I dont know why they just couldnt date to see how things go.....

I probably would have found it more real if he had actually been shown struggling to make a decision. I would have also believed that he wasnt ready to make a committment to either DeAnna or Jenni if he hadnt gone to the Jewelry store and selected a beautiful ring. He was looking at a few and was stating that he had found THE ONE!

It would serve him right if his businesses suffered now that everyone knows he is a self absorbing jerk.

I for one didnt really find him all that attractive and would never call him the best bachelor yet. There was something about his voice.

All together now....SMACK!

Yes, Brad deserves a slap in the face for what he did to both Jenni and Deanna last night. They led all the viewers on too thinking he was going to pick one of them, and then NO ONE!
I really felt sorry for both girls because he basically rejected even maintaining a friendship with them and building on that to even see if they could have a future together. That's the least he could of done! :(

Brad is a jerk. A huge jerk. I bet this was all fun and games for him, although he knew he was going to break the hearts of many women. I feel sorry for DeAnna and Jenni. I would feel used, hurt, embarassed, and degraded. I doubt he changed his mind at the last minute. He just couldn't, WOULDN't commit to either other them but wasn't manly enough to let them know that before leading them to the finale and getting their hopes up for a proposal.

Someone ought to shove that rose up his you-know-what.

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