Who loves Kid Nation?!

Question: What's your favorite part?

Answers: What's your favorite part?

I think it is cute! I am not all caught up on the episodes because I work when they air, and just have not had the time. But I wish I was. My favorite part would be thinking about how much I would have loved to do something like that as a kid. If I was on there I would be all about trying to bring a gold star home to my Mom!

I don't like when it first aired how much of a bad wrap it got.. On the other hand that is how I heard about the show.. I looked it up online and got hooked instantly!

My favorite part is the closing credits, and I don't even watch that. Maybe it'll be canceled and then I can reminisce.

I love this show... Those kids are way too smart beyond their years... But I have to say Taylor pisses me off!

never seen it

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