Days of Our Lives: Is there going to be an episode on Thursday (Thanksgiving)?!

Question: And when DOOL celebrates Thanksgiving, do you think Alice will be there?

Answers: And when DOOL celebrates Thanksgiving, do you think Alice will be there?

I don't think Days usually airs on Thansgiving because of football games and parades. I read that Alice will be there for the Horton family Christmas - filmed shortly after her 93rd birthday. God bless her.

added info that just came out a day after my original answer:

i really think shes going to be there.

Days will not air on Thanksgiving Day but will be shown as usual on Friday, November 23rd.

It will be the day b4 or after. Check the Tv guide. I think they're showing a bunch of gay pride parades then football as usual!

not that day, but the following. It would be nice to see Alice...who knows, maybe she'll be @ Belle & Shawn's wedding on Fri.

I'm pretty sure there will be no episode on thanksgiving, however I'm not sure since in Canada it's not thanksgiving (it was last month), plus Shawn and Belle's wedding is thanksgiving so maybe this year special? who knows....who knows if there'll even be a wedding....

this show is too addictive....

Days will not be on Thanksgiving but will be on the day before and the day after. Alice will be on for the Christmas Episode, The first time she will appear since turning 93.

DOOL will not air on Thanksgiving Day. I look for Alice to at least make an apperance with Shawn and Belle's wedding, and the whole family at Bo and Hope's house.

no show on thursday..alice may be seen then at the end of the show say something sweet to the audience like she's done in the past

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