What happened in Im a Celebrity tonight??!

Question: missed it

has marc been flirting still??

Answers: missed it

has marc been flirting still??

Lynne got 5 stars in her trial she was trying desperate to beat Janice's 7. hard trial she did well however spoilt it when she got back by giving oscar speech and crying.
Rodney won immunity from first vote
Marc and Cerys almost chewing ears off I kid you not and John told him that they went well together and sometimes these things just happen and cant be helped. What he was saying is you can meet your sole mate anywhere true that is I did.
Clip of girlfriend coming off plane in after show and she is well very angry lol

Hell yes, you missed a doozy tonight! If I was Marc's girlfriend, I would be making an effigy and sticking pins in it around about now!

yep and his girlfriends on her way over too its going to kick right off soon lol

Marc is still flirting, and they showed clips of Cerys looking at him all Bambi-eyed...............Janice was her usual annoying self, when she found out she was doing the bush-tucker trial she was whining "Oh, man!!" over and over, Lynne won 5 stars for the camp...............Biggins was groping the girls' bosoms (!)................

Marc is a letch!

oh yes he has i think there are going to be lots of fireworks when them too get out ? and not in a good way

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