Who do you want to win in America's most smartest model?!

Question: I want the Soviate to win...he is soooooooohot and badd a**

Answers: I want the Soviate to win...he is soooooooohot and badd a**

Andre, he is hilarious and isn't an idiot.

Andre,Vj,Or that blode girl she is cute

VJ. i dnt like his attitude buh he has a sad story [[ his upbringing]]

I want me to win.

id like andre to win to
but as long as vj doesnt win ill be content

Miss South Carolina!

In America's "most smartest model?" Well certainly he's have to have better english than his apparent fan.

well that would be you.

VJ. He's the only one really taking the competition seriously. In the real world of modeling, all those other people wouldn't stand a chance. It's cool they wanna play fair, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.

freakin andre???? he's hot sure but he's an asss!!! yea i dont think so...i really wanted blond rachel to win but w/e not anymore...i guess VJ or brett..or aussie rachel

Or Aussie Rachel.

Pickle or Andre.

Andre is hilarious!

I like Pickel or Aussie Rachel.
Andre is hot but gah he is such an ***, he really annoys me.

I don't like Andre sometimes but I'd rather he, Brett or Pickel win.

I want aussie rachel to win but i don't know if that's gonna happen. if it isn't her then it would be cool if andre won.


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