Ok so should I be a vet, major hotel manager, or be a singer/actress??? Easy 10 !

Question: Ok so should I be a vet, major hotel manager, or be a singer/actress!?!?!? Easy 10 points!.!.!.!?
Should I be a vet, a huge hotel manager, or a singer/actress!? I really have the skills to be all but I'm realistic and know it can't all happen!. I'm intelligent enough to be a vet and I do have a natural love of caring/helping animals!. I also love to be in control and have power over things so managing a big hotel would probably benefit me!. The last career choice is probably the most fun and glamorous so to speak but also the hardest!. People tell me all the time I have a fantastic voice and I have a "black girl voice in a white girl body" so I'm good there!. Plus I love singing and I karaoke all the time for people so I'm confidente in performing for others!. I also love to act and I know singing and acting go together so its like a 2fer right there!. Overall what do you think!?!? I'll try my best to respond to your answers so post away!! Remember easy 10 points!!Www@Enter-QA@Com

Do what your heart tells you to be!.!. If you love animals then a vet would be wonderful!. Animals needs love and caring!. But if you wanna sing and act try that also!. So to college and get a degree and have something to fall back on!. But you should do what you heart tells you to do and what makes YOU the happiest in lifeWww@Enter-QA@Com

ookay personal i would go through for the vet!. Vetrinarians make lots of money so since you like to have control and run things your way you could start up your own clinic!.Plus i heard that sining lifts peoples spirts so maybe if u sing to the sick animals it will lift theirs spirits too!. If your a good singer you should also try out for canadian idolWww@Enter-QA@Com

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