Can a gift be a burden?!

Question: Can a gift be a burden!?
DEFINITELY! For example, my parents gave my husband a boat!. Turned out the only reason they gave it to him was because they didn't want to pay the annual registration and insurance and they didn't want to park it at their house!. So now it is parked at our house and my parents think they can come get it anytime they feel like it whether we are home or not!. That wouldn't be t h a t bad, but they also feel like it is their right to loan it out to whomever they want without either asking us or even telling us about it!. We came home one afternoon and a total stranger was there! They had given him the key to the lock to our front gate! Not only that, he had brought his kid and fourwheeler with him in the truck and the kid was running all over our property at breakneck speed!. I wonder if they had gotten hurt on my property and tried to sue me how my parents would have felt about paying the legal fees!?!?!?

We would like them to take the boat back but they say they have nowhere to store it!. So we wanted to sell it but they got mad because then it wouldn't be available for them to use anymore!. So we asked them to sell it and they said they couldn't get what it was worth!. So we are stuck with it and we are not the ones who even use it (in the past 3 years, think we have taken it out TWICE)!.

We learned a very important lesson!. Be careful of the gifts you accept! Some have strings attached!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

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