Who thinks this rule should be changed?!

Question: If you want to be eligible for most 'best' answers, you have to make your profile public. Chicken s#!ts.

Answers: If you want to be eligible for most 'best' answers, you have to make your profile public. Chicken s#!ts.

people have private profiles for a reason... example.. some guy kept answering all my questions and then all the questions i answered he would go answer as well. I found that to be odd... I dont want anyone "learning" about me by my answers or questions... that gives to much of an opportunity to get stalkers..

So no.. come back when you have a good question.


no I dont///a bet answe risa best answer is a best answer...........we may lose some best ansers if hter is no anynimoty

i meant i dont. i didnt read the questin rite.whoops.its just stupid that we should have it public

you do?! what the @&%!

so umm yea i do

I don't mind, I have nothing to hide : )

I don't think it truly matters. Whether or not people wish to make their profile public is up to them. We can't force people to do something they feel would be an invasion of privacy.

Since this is just fun it really doesn't matter to me.

I don't think that's fair. Why should your profile have anything to do with how you answer or if you get best answer?

I agree.

And furthermore, about a gazillion of their other rules suck too.

Not to mention their crappy servers.

NO, bc people report everthing you ask & answer sometimes, or they'll read your qs to learn about you. Now I have read other people's answers before because I noticed a few funny ones. That's different than people stalking you!

I LOVE IT...run and hide haters is what that means.

I have nothing to hide! Although as with all of us I have had my share of trolls, guess for now they have retreated to under the bridge from which they came..

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