Do you know anyone, who is convinced, everyone else is "wrong" but the!

Question: I almost fell asleep on the phone right now, listening to her conversation and ooppsss...I hung up. She called again and I let the answering machine have "it" for a while ! LOL !!!

Answers: I almost fell asleep on the phone right now, listening to her conversation and ooppsss...I hung up. She called again and I let the answering machine have "it" for a while ! LOL !!!

My mother in law called you!


yes my husband it sucks but it's funny as hell when I prove him wrong

My mom....

Yeah, me. But I get it from my mom.

god, my s/o is like that.

only me =\

Oh yes the I refer to them as the rock people because nothing penetrates not even facts. If they ask for advice they are not really asking for advice they just want you to agree with them. I never argue I just let them go on in their little world. Such a bore

Yes sometimes I call him me. As I get older I am getting better. Don't be so mean to me Clo. LOL

I hear ya! hahaha.... I have a friend that talks so much, that I throw the phone on the couch. Come back 5 min. later and she is talking. and never new i was gone. ooppppsss ....... click.......the she calls right back. answer machine takes over..... what happened? where are you? hahahahahahaha!!!!! LOL !!!!!!!!! *_^

Oh I see you've met my entire family! Lucky you :)

Yes. But she comes to this website and I respect her more than to say her name. She is so hardheaded that I don't even argue anymore. I cannot win, even if I can show her in a book that it is a fact of science that I am right. She has a theory about everything. She drives me crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's funny but at times it gets out of control and she stomps off and doesn't talk to me for a few days until she cools off. I guess everyone has some type of hangup. She just ALWAYS has to be right. Not just with me either, it is with everyone. She quit college because she thought the college professors were lying!!! LOL, this is not a joke either!!!

yea..that irritates me. I've done the same thing with the telephone. once I was getting so sick of hearing it that I just took the whole battery off of my cell phone and put it in my purse in the middle of the conversation!...

Yes!!!!! OMG!!!! She drives me absolutely nuts and I have hung up her and she knows it but she keeps calling or stopping by. I ignore her most of the time or pretend not to see her on the street. I think she is desperate for someone to bitc*to. I just recently told her that she complains too much about everyone Else's "wrong doings" and that I have better things to do than to listen to her for hours on end. I told her she needs to be more positive and get over things a little faster than she does. She hasn't called for 2 weeks now!! Peace and quiet!

Not only are ALWAYS right, but also they are the untimate authority on anything! I call them a sexual intelectual (tarnslated to be "a F---in know-it all!) LOL

hi my Mum sometimes yes Dad all the time

Yes, my brother is like that. He is a cop and has the attitude he is always right.

My mom, but she's gone now, so we can breathe and be right again.

omg,one of the mums from school is like that and so competive with her kids stuff,i try an avoid chatting with her,i actually will start waiting outside the school for my boys,its sad but she runs lots of familys down :(

OMG. yes I do and I ignore the person completely. I ust can't right now.

Me... Hahaha, but I'll only go so far. Except for a lot of things I am right!! (That sounds so bad..) But sometimes I will push my pride aside.. I'm only really like that because I'm always surrounded by stupid people though.. And I'm pretty sure I got it from my dad. And my mom..

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