What do you know about Italy ???!

Question: Please, don't say or even think "Pizza or Spaghetti" 'cause everybody knows that !!

Answers: Please, don't say or even think "Pizza or Spaghetti" 'cause everybody knows that !!

rome,the vatican,popes,bari,[and many other places]
the people are nice and happy and kind!
they love to get all dressed up and go out!
what i thought was funny,though was this:we were going to go for a coffee and everybody took hours to get ready!the women wore very expensive clothes and very expensive jewelery that was fake!!they never wore their gold jewelery for fear that it would be ripped off of them!anyway,when we finally got to this place to have a coffee,the Italians got their coffee standing up and drank the boiling hot coffee in 5 seconds!!there were like 5 chairs in the whole place!i had sat down with the rest of the greeks,ready to spend a couple of hours drinking coffee,when our Italian friends had drunk theirs in 5 seconds!!and they were ready to leave!!haha!i said,"no way!'i'm going to drink my coffee without burning my throat!needless to say,us greeks drank our coffee a long time[like 20 mins]and we got up to leave with the others!this was in Bari,so it is probably different in other parts of Italy!
i just wanted to share one of my experiences there!:)
i have been to Rome,Venice and Bari

it looks like a boot on a map

grrr. now I cant say anything. I know that they have a city that is under water.

they speak Italian

Naples...Rome...the Vatican...Europe...

I know a lot about the attractions cause I used to be in an Italian class and Italy was one of the places we studied!

the won the 2006 WC by cheating

pizza and spaghetti

I heard you MUST taste Gelato in Italy, theres nothing like it anywhere else, is that true?

Italy has awesome food, clothing, shoes, architecture, music...I love Italians!

They were conquered in battle by Africa

The capital is ROME......

Well, I know a former pen pal of mine lives there. Her name was Paola Farina and it would be great to see how she was doing!! :)

the people speak italian.
its beutiful there.
i have family living there.

it's shaped like a boot, and there is great shopping there to be done!

The Romans came from there and they were very stupid.

I mean, let's face it, to leave sunny Italy to set up camp in the north of England - in winter - without the benefit of central heating ...... what would you call that?

Well, First thing that comes to my mind when I hear Italy is the St Peters Basilica where the Pope usually celebrates mass on Sundays.

That there are no houses to rent in all of Toscana.



that i love it

italians live there?

The borgiias i know my history.

I know that garlic is used only as an accent and not in an over powering way as we do here in the US.

They ruled half the world and began Catholicism.
They were defeated by the Huns i think.
Wonderful and remarkable history.
I'm 1/4 Italian and would absaloutly one day love to visit my routes, except my family are actually from Cicily but i doubt i'll visit there

it looks like a boot.in the med.cannot keep its leaders.footballers cheat.and football clubs bribe officials.milan,turin,rome,mt etna.mafia.romans.gladiators.and it is on the map.

Moto Guzzi, Aprilia, Ducati, Maserati, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Pirelli, Chianti.

Most of the country speaks italian, they have good looking people, the bottom part of the country looks like a boot. Oh and they make excellent gillato. i hope that's how you spell it. :)

It's the shape of a boot and backed the wrong side in World war two

Luciano Pavarotti lived there and sang opera.

I probably don't know as much as I should, to be honest....and most of the things I might have thought of have already been said! I have visited Italy twice....my mother took me to Florence in 1995, and I visited Rome with my choir in 2006....so one other thing I *do* know is that the weather in Rome can get rather hot in June! lol

Edit: speaking of maps, as your first answerer did, I think Italy was the first country I learned to recognise on a map....I am sure I could learned to recognise Italy before I could even identify Great Britain....and I was born in England! lol

The Ninja Turtles have Italian names.

it is truly beautiful. i really don't understand why they have stop signs that no one stops at, traffic lights that no one pays attention to. when i saw that i was puzzled. i was told the way you get a ticket is when there is a accident. Also they drive too fast. some of the churches i saw were so unbelieveable they were beautiful. i was in naples, and we also visited rome. the different things we saw did not look real it reminded me of a movie. i think they are 12 or 13 hours ahead of the united states.and the food is so fresh and delicious. they had a place on the side of the road that served chicken the name of the place was roadkill, can you imagine eating food from a place with that name. i felt weird, but that chicken was the best i have ever tasted, it was cooked on a large grill all the spices they put on it were good. and the pizza does not look anything like the pizzas they have here. you have to acquire that taste, cause it's so different.

I live here for most of my life............. :) Maybe I know too much !

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