Have you ever "ironed" a grill cheese sandwich or "zapped" i!

Question: i've done one on a steam pipe... that count?

Answers: i've done one on a steam pipe... that count?


No, just grill it.

I've zapped it in the microwave.

Nope...always the classic way in a frying pan

I have not

i zap em all the time

congrats your my last answerr of the day :]

ive ironed it! lol

eeyup . . . ironed one once.

No to the ironing... to scared to have melty cheese burned to my iron...

Yes to zapping... but I make sure to toast the bread in a toaster first... that way it is still a little bit crunchy... not totally sogged

No, but I did make it on a george foreman grill.

I make it in the microwave all the time for my kids!
2 slices of whole wheat bread, 2 slices of American cheese.
put together and nuke for 15 seconds - flip sandwhich over and nuke another 12-15 seconds!
Much healthier version!
If you like it crispy try throwing it in the toaster oven instead (still no butter)

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