How many of you live in apartments and have a dog?!

Question: I'm wanting to get a dog

Answers: I'm wanting to get a dog

We got one for our son who promised he'd "take it everywhere" -- blah blah - and he was 15 so it wasn't like he was a kid. BOY THAT CHANGED in a heartbeat and we ended up walking the dog because he wasn't around.....we finally got rid of it because it needed to run and it wasn't fair for us to keep a dog and not be home all day too.

i don't live in an apartment
but i have two dogs

I don't but my daughter does have a dog and lives in an apartment

i do in medford ma

my cousin

I live in a mobile home and have 3 cats.

That's real class!

we have a dog in our trailer ?

I live in a 1 bedroom apartment with a rat terrier...
2 adults and 1 dog... she is older so she sleeps all day, and when i get off work we go for runs and play in the dog park.

We live in a apt and though I would like to get a maltese I think people will be so mad about it in this neighborhood because every time a dog barks people start yelling and etc.

i do but i live in house

I do.

I don't claim the dog, but wifey owns a peke-poo. It's a great dog for apartment dwellers.

not me, and not me, but if you live in your own place, than u should be able to get your own dog

I did and I recommend a smaller dog. I got a Beagle & she's wonderful.

hopefully your landlord doesnt have strict rules about dogs, just make sure though before you decide to get a dog and ask your landlord if you can have a dog in your apartment.

i live in an apartment, nbut i dont have a dog


I do, and I have two amazing dogs. A weiner dog and a cocker spaniel mix. It's perfect size for these two. 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, lots of space to run, and yes they love to run back and forth all over. We actually put little bells on the door and ring them everytime we take them outside. Now they ring them when they want to go out. It's perfect! We always know what they want. Some people say you shouldn't have dogs without a back yard, but if you get the right kinda dog and make sure you take them out a lot them they'll be fine. We go to the park every sunday and play fetch so they can stretch their little legs even more.
My biggest recomendation for getting a dog is use We got both our dogs from there and they were both abotu a year old...but already house trained! Plus you get to give them new homes.
Best of luck!!

I live in an apartment, but all I have is a guinea pig. He bites like a dog though....

I live in a condo. We don't have a dog but a lot of people in here have 1 or 2. I wish I could--Asthma. Rats

I live in an apartment with my Pomeranian, and I have a friend who lives in an apartment with her Great Dane. I know a lot of people who have dogs in their apartments. Be prepared to pay a pet deposit, a pet fee and/or pet rent.

Enjoy your dog!

i live in apartment and have a cat but i know a lot people who have a dog in an apartment


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