??.?*′`*?When did you last Tell someone *I Love you*????*′`*?.???!

Question: Right now, I love you.

Answers: Right now, I love you.

last night on text messege.

2 day's ago I told my fiance I love you

Much too long ago...


This morning, to my brother.

about an hour ago. i make sure i tell my fiance at least once a day. he would forget otherwise.

Say it to friends n family all the time but not said it to anybody else for a good few months!

this morning to my man and my children

my little sister when she called me yesterday.

This afternoon, to my very adorable little brother.

My son last night when he went to bed.

a few seconds back...to my fiance

Last night, on the phone with my little niece.

u mean, when was the last tym I rejected love

I last said I love you, this morning ( 3 hours ago) When my husband left for works. He works first ship.
Then I tell him after he walks in the door. ( If I'm home). Then again when He goes to bed at night. I give him a hug, and an I love you and turn out the light. Then come back in to type at night.
Sometimes on the spur of the moments I will as well.
I also tell my son at night when he has settled down from the hustle and busy days. It is really the only time my son is still and can freely talk to me. So when I get him into the warmth of hid bed. I mess up his hair and say good night I love you.
I also type it at least once a day for my daughter to read since she's so far away.

From a friend, a couple of minutes ago.

Intimately, 2 months ago.

Last night: my wife and kids before I went to bed

Does typing here count? Moments ago.

Last night when my daughter left to go home! It's the last thing I say to her EVERY night!

this morning to my mum(she hasn't been to well laltely)&when my two sisters were going out shopping&of course the cute cats(3 bengals&2 siamese)
I must say *I love you*more than 100 times a day to family.

Just before she cheated on me. 2 weeks ago

A few hours ago!

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