Under what circumstances does your precious self-confidence shake??!

Question: ..IF it does...

Answers: ..IF it does...

When crossing the street.. I'm serious; I can't walk with confidence when cars are coming my way :)

when people put me down and make me feel worse about myelf then i already am.i hate when people tease me bcause i am ugly

My self confidence shakes if I have to do anything in front of my classmates, who are judgemental, bitchy girls. My confidence takes a hit if anyone mentions that my skin occasionally breaks out in spots (my Dad makes a huge deal out of this, like I have some sort of disease) or if my Mom comments on how I tend to tie my hair up because I can't be bothered to do anything with it in the morning.

I used to be bothered when people would stare me down, but now I just turn and smile or say hi and it seems to make them a little shaky.

When I make the wrong decision, then I start second guessing myself.

when someone doubts a decision ive made cause i take careful consideration before making any decision at work

It's called the Thomas G Effect.

when people don't appreciate me...but that happens for a liitle while...

after visiting the rest room i usually give a confident shake
........................ is this the answer your after.....................

The one thing that shakes my little bit of confidence in myself is when someone I love doesn't share her feelings the way I share mine.


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