LOL! this is funny! but it wasnt funny at the time?!


LOL! this is funny! but it wasnt funny at the time?

ok so I'm in the living room on the couch watching tv right?? well i hear this noise, almost like someone walking ok?? and im like o its my mom or stepdad and I turn around nobodys there. so im getting freaked out. so later this thing (i thought it was a bird) flys above my head and I run and get my mom and stepdad and they investigate the house and hes like "wat r u smoking" im like no it was really there! so later they wake up and he kills it (or so he thinks) and it hides behind a coat the rest of the day. this was a freaking huge moth!!! im serious it was bird sized. so later i found it again and i poked it and it started flappin around and im freakin out (again) so we take it outside and it flaps around until it finally dies. i even named him. Mr.Flappy. RIP mr flappy!
oh and I dont have a question im just really bored.


On of those 747 sized moths hit the window screen while I was relaxing and I almost wet myself.

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