To become a Choir Director for High School or College level, what do I need my B!

Question: To become a Choir Director for High School or College level, what do I need my B!.A!./ M!.A!. in!?
Right now I am completing my Associates in Music!. I am just not sure what then next steps are for my BA!. I am not sure if I need to major in Music with Emphasis in Education or if I should major in Performace!.!.!.!.or if I am just thinking wrong all together!. My counselors don't know and I ask my music teachers and get no help so here I am!.!.!.!.Www@Enter-QA@Com



I have a performance Degree and wish I had gotten the ED Degree!. The Performance degree is non-other than a $35,000 piece of paper that proves I spent four years in a practice room and can play my instrument!. The fact I earned my degree will allow me into grad school eventually, but if you get the ED degree, you can still perform, but you can NOT teach without your education credentials due to the No Child Left Behind Education Program instilled by the US government!.

My suggestion is get the BME!. It's worth your money, time, and effort!.

With the BME (bachelors in music education), if you choose not to teach, it becomes a fall back!. Not to mention other employers besides schools respect the education degree because what is being a teacher!.!.!.other than simply being a leader!? What companies wouldn't higher someone with pure leadership experience!?

The associates should get you out of the majority of your general ed!. credits like college algebra and Phys!. Ed!.

At most schools, the BA in performance will force you to have lots of science, several high tier math classes, and one to two YEARS of a foreign language!.

The BME does not require NEARLY as many general ed classes and most people who gain the BME likely feel like they spent more time learning their craft and how to pass that on to future generations, rather than taking gen eds in the liberal arts building!. At least that's how I feel!. I spent a lot of time locked in a practice room, and took tons of classes with business majors!. I play well!. But work in the music retail industry!. I love it because I work in for a great company, but my life after I graduated for several years, was a struggle at best!.

Who were the most influential teachers in your life!? You're a vocalist!. Likely your vocal instructors!?

Good Luck,

my dads a choral director!. he majored in music and minored in math and then just got his teaching certificate!. that was in the 70s though, so i'm sure its different!. if your college counselor doesn't know how to get on that path then you need to demand to see someone else!. THAT IS THEIR JOB!. to tell you this stuffWww@Enter-QA@Com

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