Elton John or Rod Stewart?!

Question: Elton John or Rod Stewart!?
Whose music do you prefer and why!? I'm going with Elton John!.

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Rod Stewart is ok, But Elton John at least for me is the better Artist!.
He's an amazing Pianist, Lyricist and very controversial, which I find to be very intriguing, and honestly, he collaborated with Eminem!.!.!. That just impressed me in so many ways!.!.!.

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I love Elton John!.!.!.!. "Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting" "Rocket Man" " Bennie and the Jets" "Crocodile Rock" "Tiny Dancer" !.!.!.!. He's awesome! !.!.!. Rod Stewart is lame!.

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Elton, John's music, as a person, he's become more of a joke than anything else, but he's music, at least in his prime was phenomenal!.

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Overall, I like the sound of Rod Stewart's voice!. Especially his work with the Faces!. I also like what he did with Jeff Beck, which was also great!. Elton John to me sometimes his songs, while good, do not give me goosebumps the way Rod Stewart in his younger days can

Here are some examples:


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Rod Stewart, he's more soulful!. I don't care to much for Sir Elton, (don't even get me started)
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Elton John, all of his songs are amazing and I love to hear him play the piano!. I like Rod Stewart, but it's just more of a few here and there songs!. I love almost all of Elton's songs, he has very few misses!.

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The God's of Rock will not forgive me if I pick one over the other!.But I will say I liked both John and Rod better back in the day than the music they make today!. But I still listen to them!.
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Not really a fan of them both but Elton John in Tommy blew me away!.Both have a couple of classic songs!.

pinball wizard

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Elton John!. I've only liked a few of Rods songs, whereas Elton has had so many great ones!.

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Definitely Elton John! Really no contest!.

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Elton John! He's only one of the best lyricists and vocalists out there!

I seriously love his music!.

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Elton john, most definately!.
i don't know, why not, i find elton john has alot more talent!. and i likle elton john, which is weird for me!. don't really like rod stewart!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.

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Hey Nevermore!!! :)

I'm gonna say Elton John! He just has some nice stuff thats all like "Don't let the sun go down on meeeeeeeeeee"

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i like both, but i can name more Elton John songs that i like then Rod songs!. so, i'm gonna go with Elton!.

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Rod Stewart!. "Wake Up Maggie" really speaks to me-never mind why! (ha-ha)!. Weather's cold and clear in Ocala,FLWww@Enter-QA@Com

Elton's good on the piano, Rod's a great vocalist, but they both suck on the organ!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

Elton John for me!.
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Hmmm a toughie!.
I like both musicians

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Rod Stewart, till the Mid 70's anyway!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

Elton John
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early rod when he sang with faces!.!.!.elton john now!.!.!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

I prefer Rod Stewarts cos it has more of an edgy feel


elton john
i'm just more fond of him

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early elton, recent rod!. although ooh la la is my favourite!.
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