What are some good Indie songs or artists?!

Question: What are some good Indie songs or artists!?
I'm a fan of The Shins, Radiohead, Franz Ferdinand, etc!. I'm not certan those are considered Indie either, heh!.

Help me expand my horizon, list as many as you can please!

Thanks! (-:Www@Enter-QA@Com

human highway - the sound
modest mouse - dashboard
modest mouse - float on
adam green - jessica
kings of leon - on call
kings of leon - sex on fire
flobots - handlebars
death cub for cutie - i will possess your heart
klaxons - golden skans
icy demons - miami ice
ben lee - we're all in this together
ben lee - catch my disease
mars volta - the widow
mars volta - l'via l'viaquez
people in planes - pretty buildings
peter bjorn and john - young folks
the sounds - painted by numbers
the smiths - bigmouth strikes again
the ting tings - shut up and let me go
sean lennon - dead meat
the bravery - an honest mistake
the bravery - fearless
the bravery - unconditional
the bravery - believe
we are scientists - after hours
we are scientists - nobody move, nobody gets hurtWww@Enter-QA@Com

Nice taste, I think these are some bands that are kind of similar:

Arctic Monkeys
The Ting Tings
Modest Mouse
The Weakerthans
Silversun Pickups
Hot Hot Heat
Shiny Toy Guns
Death Cab for Cutie
What Made Milwaukee Famous
Tegan and Sara

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