How much money do artist make by selling records ?!

Question: How much money do artist make by selling records !?
like, how many mney does a singer make by each CD she sells in stores !?

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I don't think they make that much anymore, due to the internet the cost of music has gone waay down!. I saw in an interview Amy Mann said CD's and iTunes mostly are just to get people to hear your music and promote your concerts!. When CD's came out people were so amazed by their clarity that concert sales went down, now people aren't amazed by the quality of CD's and many people use MP3's whose quality are not as good as CD's or even tapes depending on the compression, and so people are re-realizing the awesomeness of a live show!. So concert ticket prices have gone up and that's how many musicians make money, also through merchandising, like coming out with your own perfume and toys, shirts, coffee mugs, I even saw a Hannah Montana fishing pole at Walmart!.!.!.Www@Enter-QA@Com


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