Did Hip-Hop have an affect on your life?If so how?!

Question: Did Hip-Hop have an affect on your life!?If so how!?
Hip-Hop played as a role model in my life,I came from a rough environment and I saw the most successful people in my hood doing evil things to make it by in life and for a min I had thought that was the most viable option!.!.So when I was little seeing all these successful black men on TV that did something right without having to resort to crime blew my mind and it made me think if they come from similar places I come from why cant I make something of myself too!?

So despite all the negative things said about Hip-Hop I would have had a different world view without it!.That said how did Hip-Hop Affect your life was it in a positive way or negative way!?Www@Enter-QA@Com

As a 38 year old white woman, I would say hip hop has had a profound effect on my life!. I started listening in 1979-1980, when it was just starting to be heard and played on radio!. I used to break dance, renegade and smurf! I wore shell toed Adidas, pin- striped Lee's and sported a name belt!. I battled in dance/breaking contests, knew Rapper's Delight by heart and swore I would one day marry KRS-ONE ( or Big Daddy Kane!.!.!.) Most of my white friends thought I was crazy and their parents would not let them hang out with me, for fear I would bring them over to " the dark side!." I continued to embrace hip hop and all that it evolved into!. I still love and respect the genre, however, I am dismayed at what the commercial side of it has become!. It seems that songs that are educational, topical and political don't get as much air play as the nasty, degrading sexcapade songs!. I am saddened by this!. There are current hip hop artists that have remained true to the roots of hip hop, while evolving the genre into something more!. There are others who have exploited hip hop and in effect, exploited it's fans!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

No hip hop was never negative in my eyes!.I still and always will love the music!.I love it all regardless where its from or what style it is!.As long as it boosts my endorphins i listen to it!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

Hip Hop is positive


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Yes, I've made buddies with people who share my views on it (hip hop isn't all violence, drugs, sex, etc!.)!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

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