Does anyone know where i can find this keyboard?!

Question: Does anyone know where i can find this keyboard!?
If you ever see the devil wears prada keyboard player live or in any of the videos, he usually has this smaller keyboard on top of his regular keyboard!. Does anyone know what thats called or where i can find one!. Im not looking for a specific brand or anything i just want like a general name for it!. I play keyboard in a band and i was just wondering cause i was gonna buy one!.

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I know exactly what you mean! I love TDWP, I play keyboard too, & "This Song Is Called" is one of my fave songs to play!.

Go to: www!.casio!.com, and in the seach box on top, type in "41 keys" or "Top head keyboard"

if you have a Radio Shack around you, you can also check there!. He just uses a standard 31-41 key(depending on the show) keyboard!. Good luck! :)Www@Enter-QA@Com

the little keyboard he plays is a synth!. its a Korg microkorg, its about $300 at guitar center, sam ash, or on musicians friend!.com!.
i happen to be a synth player in a band as well, but i play an Alesis Micron, which is the microKorgs rival synth!. personally, i like the Alesis Micron WAY better, because its reallly easy to use and it has alot of storage space for custom beats, sounds, etc!. I dont like the Korg because it literally feels like a childs toy, the keys are really small, and inconvienient to playWww@Enter-QA@Com

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