Which piano piece should i play next?!

Question: Which piano piece should i play next!?
I have justfinished both the Chopin Nocturne in C# minor and the Rachmaninoff Prelude in C# minor!.!.

Currently i am working on the Pathetique Sonata(1st movement, but I plan to do the whole piece) and the Bach Prelude/Fuge no!.6 in D minor(I'm pretty sure that's the key)!. I anticipate finishing the Bach soon!.!.

so there is my status!.!. what should I play after the Bach!?

p!.s!. I am being forced to play the Bach just to have a good Baroque piece!. I generally do not enjoy any Baroque music, although I am open-minded to any suggestions!.!.

also: please onyl actual pianists who realize the simplicity of Moonlight Sonata (1st) and Fur Elise etc!. I already played them like 5 years ago!.!.

THANKS: i'll check for best answerWww@Enter-QA@Com

For baroque: try sight-reading Scarlatti Sonatas, and pick 2 or 3 to work on!. also, see Rameau, esp Gavotte with Doubles (6 Doubles, I think)!.

For classical: you should definitely work on a Mozart Sonata, it's an experience you should not skip!. Try G major (easier), F major (not-so-easy) and A major (yes, the one ending with Alla turca)!. Sorry, I don't remember KV numbers (all three are 300 something)!.

For romantic: if you like Chopin so much, take it to the next level!. Rather than learning another Nocturne, how about 2-3 Preludes, or Mazurkas, or the Barcarole or the Berceuse (underplayed works)!? I know they're more difficult, and it should be a challenge, but it also would help you progress!. also, check out Tchaikovsky - The Seasons (actually, the months of the year), Rachmaninoff - some of the Etudes Tableaux aren't so difficult technically!.

On last thought: you haven't listed any modern work in your repertoire!. You should definitely work on something modern!. Try Khachaturian - Children's Corner, or Prokofiev - one of the two Sonatinas; Debussy - something from Suite Bergamasque, for instance, or one of the easier Preludes; Ravel - Prelude; Satie - the Gymnopedies or something from Pieces Froides!.!.!. and so on!.!.!.

best luck, keep on practicing! Www@Enter-QA@Com

I suggest you try a Prokofiev Sonata!. They sound AMAZING
what level are you!?
A prokofiev sonata!.!. depending on what you choose is Grade 8- dip!. level
Try another bach
Like an Italian Concerto
You should also try a few Classical composers
Do a Haydn or Mozart Sonatas,
If you want a challenge
do Mozart Sonata in F (I think it's F!.) It's in the 2nd book of Mozart Sonata's near the end!.
Or Mozart Sonata KV322
Haydn, Try his last few Sonatas!.!.!.
it's in book 3!. I'm playing the one in E , but the one in C sounds really good too!.
Or you can try!.
Debussy- an impressionist
His pieces are quite a challenge, but they are really nice!.
Hope this helps =)Www@Enter-QA@Com

Well, if you don't mind period jumping, which you already are with Beethoven and Bach, try my favorite, Nocturne in Eb Major Op 9 No 2 by Chopin!. Www@Enter-QA@Com

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