Movies/Shows that have invented (dreamed up) REALISTIC inventions?!

Question: Movies/Shows that have invented (dreamed up) REALISTIC inventions!?
Asking around my group of friends and we came up with a few!.!.!.
Get Smart - Mobile phones
Back to the Future - Hoverboards (not yet made, but still)

Anyone got any more!?Www@Enter-QA@Com

While "Star Trek" was filming in the Sixties, they had military investigators on the set asking about the diagnostic beds and learned that they were working on the design! They wanted to know if there had been some sort of leak!.

Antimatter has been the stuff of "Star Trek" and other science fiction series and movies!. I saw a special on the possible development and uses of this once-science fictional substance!.

"The Six Million Dollar Man" and other films and series about "cyborgs" do not seem as fanciful now that so many add-ons and replacements are becoming available!.

James Bond films showed us prototypes of the jetpack, mini-breather (diving gear), mini-copter, and so many more gadgets!. It finally became difficult to surprise audiences since the Net and television keep us on that cutting edge!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

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