What makes a great hero (protagonists)?!

Question: What makes a great hero (protagonists)!?
A protagonist is just the lead character in a story, not necessarily a hero!. The classic hero usually suffers through adversity and comes out the better for it on the other side - Kirk Douglas in Spartacus!.

The hero won't give up or let the system break him - Paul Newman in Cool Hand Luke!.

A protagonist who is never afraid isn't a hero - e!.g!. the Terminator 2!. The reluctant hero has to overcome his fear for his own safety and do the right thing anyway to be truly heroic - Saving Private Ryan!.

Sometimes the protagonist is a hero not by choice but by necessity, one man against the bad world - Gary Cooper in High Noon or Bruce Willis in Die Hard!.

There is often an element of sacrificing their own needs (or lives) to help someone else!. A good example is Homer Wells in the Cider House Rules, giving up his personal desires to run the medical clinic!. also, Richard Dreyfuss in Mr!. Holland's Opus!.

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Someone who has a worthy cause for justice and is not in it for the notoriety!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

Goodness and bravery

and a healthy dose of humilityWww@Enter-QA@Com

an awesome mustache!.

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