Jaws Question?!


Jaws Question?

After the shark died in the first film were the sharks in the other films all offspring of the original Jaws?

Answers: yes. after learning of their mothers murder from a local gossip the jaws siblings were irate(as u would expect).the eldest sibling,"quint" vowed revenge but knew he was no match for the legendary chief Brody,the prophesied "great destroyer".so he trained for years under the keen eye of a south african great white who was said to have over 100 bite sized pieces of surf board in his lair. quint trained for acouple of years practising on Aussies and south Africans and when he was ready he swam off for America,the rest is celluloid history. hope this helps! Nope No, they were unrelated sharks. yes they certainly were no, just more great white sharks The original one may have had offspring that were growing up at the time. And it wasn't the only great white shark - so the others are most likely to have different parents. It is only fiction anyway - so we just don't know. I don't think so, but I seem to remember one was the mate of a previous shark...could be wrong :-) No they were just friends out for revenge Nope, just more great white sharks, just a coinceidence really. no they were diffrent sharks they were getting more common in that area because of the global changing Jaw Serious? Sorry to say this...........it wasn`t real, it was a film! :-) I think in jaws 2, it was the step-sister of the shark in Jaws 1 I believe so, yes.

In Jaws 3 there were two sharks...one being an off spring of the one that was doing all the munching.

When Jaws: The Revenge came out we were suppose to ignore the fact that Jaws 3 ever happened - it was claimed (in Jaws 4) that the shark was seeking revenge.....meaning it must have been an off-spring of the others that died...or simply a shark out for revenge on the slaughter of any old shark.....I would bet it was more an off-spring No different sharks all wandering up following their food sources. No He died, but I think it's supposed to be him. Stupid Hollywood!!!!! No they wern't offspring of the original shark however, the shark that appeared in jaws 2 was the offspring of the shark that appeared in Jaws 3 In one and two they were related. In three it was the mother of the shark they killed in the beginning of the thrid movie. in four it was to be the shark from 2. Cmon, the first one was the only one worth discussing.

"your gonna need a bigger boat!"

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What a top film

Did you know that the drunk scene on the boat was recorded unscripted, they gave them a bottle of whisky told them what they wanted and let them get on with it? No just random sharks all with a dislike to the Brody family.

Must b their aftershave i guess. I'm not sure that is ever really established....good question! i believe the second shark was the baby of the first,and so on and so on blah blah blah. but which is your fave jaws film Yes, they were second cousins, once removed.


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