(International) film help!!?!


(International) film help!!?

Alrighty please help me on this!!

What are some titles of films from countries other than the US that deal with social issues (such as remember the titans- racism, shes the man- gender roles) But I need names of films made outside the US!
I hope you can help

Answers: Central Station (from Brazil) - poverty, education, politics
Not One Less (from China) - poverty, education
Cache (hidden) (from France) - caste system
Bear Cub (from Spain) - homosexuality, family crisis
Crimes of Padre Amaro (from Mexico) - religion, abortion, abomination. theres "happy go lucky" the new version which is in chiense. It talks about these 2 mental and physically disabled guys and how they are like put down in the world and how ppl think there retarded and werthless. Gillian chung stars in it. I like this movie but im not sure if its what its what your looking for.

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