I think that the Movie "The Longest Day" is one of the best ever made.!


I think that the Movie "The Longest Day" is one of the best ever made.?

With so many major actors from the time in it, do you ever think a movie of that quality could ever be made again with so many top talent? I think that the cost of the actors alone would prevent it.

Answers: I think that war movies showcase the best and worst in humanity and make the best stories.

It could happen if the cast donated their time and part of the proceeds went to a major charity. But you are right, except for vanity projects like Ocean's 11, et al, It is almost impossible to get a major cast at the peak of their careers.

In about 15 years the technology will be perfected allowing the digital likeness of any actor living or dead to appear in the movies.

imagine Bogart, John Wayne, Brando, DeNiro, and Brad Pitt all in the same show.

Or Vin Diesel, Redford, Chuck Norris, Eastwood and Charles Bronson

Or Bruce Lee with Kirk Douglas and Michael Douglas!

The possibilities will be endless.... Yeah it's good but what about The Godfather or Scarface or Goodfellow's

There is another modern movie just like it with that scottish dude and Denzel Washington. I cant think of the name of it. It was better than Dog Day (sorry) For a movie with a list of top talents, I would say it would have to be "Thin Red Line". You will see some of the big stars there doing only cameo roles which lasted hardly a minute. Some only seen at a glance, some with just a few lines. To name a few, there's John Travolta, Nick Nolte, George Clooney.

Another would be "Mars Attacks". But that movie really sucked. Just my opinion.

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