I think they messed up horror movies with all the gore and blood?!


I think they messed up horror movies with all the gore and blood?

what happened to the original horror movies like pet semetary,rosemarys baby,halloween,the exorcist,carrie,

the original horror movies scared me but the ones now r just funny they f it up with all the gore

who agrees with me?

Answers: all i can say is how many freakin times can they actually remake the texas chainsaw massacre... i mean come on people stick to the freaking originals and come up with some new stuff! Psycho. I think all the horror remakes were the final nail in the coffin. Some movies fair good with gore, others don't. It's no longer about scaring people. For some reason the film industry has deiced that they want to try and shock people by pushing the limits of gore and see how far they can go before people are to appalled. The problem is we are not getting appalled so they just make it worse. I would agree that we need the more classical horror, not so much gore more physiological scaring.

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