Answer these movie quotes, get 10 points?!


Answer these movie quotes, get 10 points?

Tell me what movies that I am talking about.

1.Thrills, Spills, and a hand full of Pills
2.Hold down the fort and keep the home fires burnin', if were not back by dawn... call the President.
3.The Marines are looking for a few good men, unfortunely you ain't it.
4.You think your one of the greats; Manson, Domer, O.J.?
5....Oh I get it. Very clever. Hows that workin out for ya? Bein clever?
6.You know what they call a quater-pounder with cheese in Paris?
7.I thought I could take you out, have a few beers, flert with you a little bit. 'I don't drink beer.' You don't drink beer?!??! Who doesn't drink beer?
8....every bone in her croch, thats what i'm gunna break...
9.You killed him! 'No, I shot him. The bullits and the fall killed him.'
10.Don't every allow anything in your life that your not prepared to walk out on in 5 mins flat if you feel the heat around the corner.

Answers: 1.Vanishing Point
2 Big Trouble in Little China
3.Heartbreak Ridge
4.Scream 2
5.Fight Club
6.Pulp Fiction
7.25th Hour
10.Heat sad- the only one i know is 6 its from pulp fiction vincent says it- royal with cheese 1 Vanishing point
2 Big trouble in little China
3. Heartbreak Ridge
4 scream. 2???
5 fight club
6 pulp fiction
7Don't be a Menace
8 ??
9 collateral
10 heat 1. Vanishing Point
2. Big Trouble in Little China
3. Heartbreak Ridge
4. Scream 2
5. Fight Club
6. Pulp Fiction
9. Collateral 1. The Britney Spears Story
2. Independence Day
3. Beavis and Butthead Do America
4. Big Top Pee Wee
5. The Lindsay Lohan Story
6. Invincible
7. Brigham Young Does Utah
8. Deuce Bigalow-Male Gigolo
9. Ooops! O.J. Did It Again!
10. "Heat"

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