Whats the greatest comedy of all time?!


Whats the greatest comedy of all time?

Answers: shallow hal HARLEM NIGHTS
HARLEM NIGHTS If you want my opinion "Office Space" is quite a laugh. blazing saddles My favorite is Carousel. It has comedy, tragedy, music, dance, romance, even a little bit of heaven. Oldie but goodie. If you haven't seen it, do. Also try Seven Brides For Seven Brothers, and Friendly Persuasion. You guessed it. I.m a senior citizen. Coming to American!!!! there are two---The Birdcage w/Robin Williams and California Suite, especially the scene with Michael Caine and Maggie Smith talking about her hump... Super Bad The Big Lebowski
Mallrats "Monty Python And the Holy Grail". Nothing else comes close.

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