1408 ending?!


1408 ending?

Reading the postings of 1408 here, it seems John Cusack got out of the room alive after burning it. However, I watched copy i got off the internet in which Cusack died in the room fire and became a ghost of the room. Did anyone see this one?

Answers: i think that may be the dvd version with a different ending. in the movies, he lived and it was a stupid ending. I did not see that part.That must have been a alternative ending. I watched it last night. I enjoyed it but did not like the way that it ended. Yeah I thought both Cusack and his wife both ended up ghosts in the room. Stupid movie from begining to end no matter what version you watch! no i havent seen that one- but the one where he got out of the room's the one in the cinemas at the moment ACK!! That's the alternate ending I guess! Way to ruin that for me! Hahahaha!

In the movie that was released to theatres, he escapes after burning up the room. i thoguht he died as a ghost in the movie that wat i memember b.c didnt he have a daughter and seen her then later like right at the end he seen her again? Didn't see that one (the alternate ending version).

I was very very disappointed with the movie, though. Usually, movies based upon Stephen King novels are really fantastic. This one was an exception. The book was pretty straightforward about things. Not going to tell you, in case you read it! I can't remember which book it's in, but the cover is white with blood splattered cups etc on it. Ya I watched it long time ago , just remember that man got out of the burning room , the fireman helped and took him out , he was at his house with his wife after then , people sent the record script to him and he heard his daughter's voice again , then both the wife and the man realize what happened with him was the truth ...then ..the end !

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