Any Elzebeth bathory movies?!


Any Elzebeth bathory movies?

Are there any movies about elizebeth bathory around?

Answers: Yes.

Bathory (2008)

and Blood Relations Old movie. Characters (Exact Matches)
1. Elizabeth Bathory
Bathory (2008) Played by Anna Friel
Demon's Claw (2006) (V) Played by Kira Reed
Tomb of the Werewolf (2004) (V) Played by Michelle Bauer
Retorno de Walpurgis, El (1973) Played by María Silva
Metamorphosis (2007) Played by Adél Kováts
In Vein (2001) Played by Eileen O'Connor
Jungfrau am Abgrund (1990) Played by Miranda Mariaux

Characters (Partial Matches)
1. Countess Elizabeth Bathory
Blood Scarab (2007) (V) Played by Monique Parent
Night Fangs (2005) Played by Marina Muzychenko

2. Elizabeth Bathory reenactment
Vampire Secrets (2006) (TV) Played by Christa Bella I know of one Countess Dracula released by Hammer in the 1970's it starred Ingrid Pitt and Nigel Greene. "Stay Alive"

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