Lawnmower rerun. Just incase u missed it b4:)?!

Question: Lawnmower rerun!. Just incase u missed it b4:)!?
Young lad starts work in a shop that sells everything!. The old boy who's been there for years says "watch me with the customers son and I'll show you how the jobs done" So in walks a guy and asks for a packet of grass seeds, "certainly sir" says the old boy "and can I interest you in a lawnmower!?" "why'd I want a lawnmower" says customer "well sir you obviously going to want to cut the grass once it grows and keep it looking nice"!. "your rite" says cust,omer, so he ends up with a large sale!. "There you go lad, thats how it's done, now you serve the next customer" Few minutes later a Lady walks in "can I help you madam " says young lad "yes please I'd like a pkt of tampax please" replies the lady, "no problem madam" says young lad placing a box in a paper bag "now could I interest you in a lawnmower at all" old boy looks confused and lady says "why would I want a lawnmower!?" "Well" says lad "your weekends obviously F***** up, so you might as well cut the grass"!.Www@Enter-QA@Com

tee hee funny

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