If you saw a booger hanging out of your bosses nose, what would you do?!

Question: Seriously, she just came over to ask me a question and there was a gigantic snogger hanging from her left nostril.

Answers: Seriously, she just came over to ask me a question and there was a gigantic snogger hanging from her left nostril.

sounds like a Biopsy is well in order as well as in desperate need.
Find a Popsicle stick....swipe that boogie outta there girl!!
go CSI on her hiney!!

i would laugh out loud

tell him he has a booger in his nose. haha


i would signal towards my own nostril, hoping they would get the hint...

Laugh hysterically and don't do anything about it. Duh. Unless she's a good/nice boss you might want to tell her.

Say "excuse me ms_______________ you have something on your nose."

I'd tell my boss, but that's because of the type of person she is. She'd laugh with me. She'd also thank me for letting her know before anyone else saw.

Take a picture with my phone and send it out to all my co-workers.

Take a picture with my cell phone

I told my boss, umm, you got a boogie on your nose..

LOL!!! Depending on how comfortable I am with her then I'd tell her but like the ***** I have.........I'd just leave her be!!!

Politely pass her a tissue and say
"you might want to wipe your nose"

tell her about it...what?..are you from some kind of mormon family or something ?..sheesh

If you feel the way about your boss the way I feel about mine, I would laugh and go to my coworkers and say "hey, go look at David!!!" haha

I'd ignore it. He'd probably want to eat it then and there.

I would quietly and politely let her know... and give her a tissue if I had one.

I like him so I'd hand him a tissue and tell him to go take care of "bidness" ! (Then I'd laugh my a** off)

i would be like "uhhhh...u got something rite here"......and i would point...lol....and then i would tell my co-workers and we would all laugh"...

I would stare uncomfortably.. while doing rubbing my own nose as a clue.. hoping they would get the hint.

I would kinda hint things to her, like have a tissue you need it

I would run to the bathroom . and be like damn

i would laugh behind her back.

I don't think I would tell him but I would stare. I did tell my boss I could see his boxers once though.

do you like her?

If not, then laugh silently and text all of your co-workers to go take a look.


lol idk.
probably just stare at him for a long long time!!!
I would be too scared to say anything.

A gurl! Wipe yo nose and blow it out! Whipe yo nose and blow it out! (play on mystikal shake yo a** song lol

I would have to tell her about dat s.hit ewwwwwwwwww!

Last week my boss was bent over picking something up off the floor & I saw his bare @ss.He had a huge rip in it & evidentally didn't know.I don't care for his arrogance much so I said nothing & let him go about his day like that.Did I mention he was wearing no underwear??

offer her a tissue

Hand them a tissue if you have open close communication with them like that. If not, the little hand jester of rubbing the nose may give them a hint...

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